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Making Cryptocurrencies Accessible 

Our mission is to encourage the adoption of cryptocurriences around the globe by providing equal access

About Us

Localcoin is a cryptocurrency company that focuses on providing our customers with simple ways of buying and selling cryptocurriences across Canada.

Our product offerings encompass more than just ATMs. Our offering includes our retail platform, credit card payments, over-the-counter trades, and prepaid credit cards.


Our products and services have brought cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure to over 17 million Canadians across the nation.

We support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin (More coming soon!)

Our Products



Join Canada's largest Bitcoin ATM network. With 140+ terminals spanning Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta, Localcoin is dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency to all regions of Canada.



Localcoin Capital is Canada's most flexible digital currency trading desk. With guaranteed liquidity, corporate and personal investors can find a plan that fits their risk profile.



As Canada's only Prepaid Visa Bitcoin Card, users can easily convert Bitcoin into cash. It's as simple as loading Bitcoin onto a card which is then converted into dollars. The card can then be used at any retail location that accepts Visa.


Localcoin's mission is to provide a simple buying and selling experience of digital currency for customers.

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