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    Turn Your Bitcoin into Cash

    Simply choose the sell Bitcoin option on the ATM and pick the amount you wish to send. It's really that simple. 

    No ID or Verification Required

    Unlike the tedious sign-up process found with online exchanges, Localcoin ATMs do not require any form of ID or verification. 


    Instantly Sell Bitcoin

    The moment the transaction is completed, your cash will be ready for pickup at our Bitcoin ATM. Scan your redemption code on the terminal and your cash will be dispensed.

    Flexible Transaction Limits

    With a Localcoin Bitcoin ATM, you can sell up to $9,000 of BTC. Need to sell more? Join our OTC Trading Desk 

    Get Started Today


    Step 1
    Choose Sell Bitcoin

    You will then be prompted to choose how much Bitcoin you wish to sell. A ticket with instructions will then be printed from the ATM. 


    Step 2
    Scan Our Wallet's QR Code

    Open your mobile wallet and go to its send feature. Scan the QR code provided to you from the ATM and send the necessary amount of Bitcoin to the wallet address.


    Step 3
    Redeem Ticket

    Once the transaction is confirmed and completed, scan your ticket's QR code against the machine and the cash will be dispensed.

    Questions? 1 (877) 412-2646

    Localcoin's mission is to provide a simple buying and selling experience of digital currency for customers.

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